Discover the most exquisite flavours by Adrián De Cózar in a traditional proposal that mixes the finest ingredients with the most international cuisine touch resulting on a savoury and balanced menu, even for the most demanding palates.


Traditional Salmorejo
with Iberian ham and egg | 7,00€

Cured sheep cheese
| 14,50€

Iberian ham 100% D. O. Guijuelo
with bread toasts | 19,50€

Russian potato salad
with king prawns and tuna belly | 5,50€

Avocado salad
with smoked salmon and king prawns on a pineapple carpaccio | 13,50€

Cesar salad
with crispy chicken, bacon, anchovies and parmesan cheese | 12,50€

Homemade croquettes
of oxtail or pil-pil king prawns | 5,50€

Broken eggs
with potatoes and Iberian ham | 7,50€

Beef mini burgers with bull sauce and melted cheese | 7,50€

Japanese style chicken gyozas
with sweet and sour sauce | 5,50€

Tuna tataki
with wakame seaweeds salad and ponzu sauce | 16,00€

Beef tenderloin steak tartare
(120grs.) 14,00€ | (240 grs) 26,00€

This establishment has allergens menu at your disposal, please be so kind to inform our mâitre in case of allergies or intolerances.

Prices include VAT.


Boletus risotto
with parmesan crisp| 16,00€

Tagliatelle diavola
with king prawns & cherry tomatoes | 15,50€

Octopus rice,
cuttlefish and baby beans | 16,50€

Grilled salmon
with baby vegetables and lime spherification | 18,50€

slow cooker cod
with black garlic mayo and sweet potato purée | 19,00€

Chicken wok and vegetables
with teriyaki sauce | 14,50€

Grilled Iberian shoulder cut
with seasonal vegetables ratatouille| 22,00€

Laminated entrecote seasoned
with parmesan, rosemary and green pepper| 21,50€

Roast suckling lamb leg
in its own juice and tender lettuce| 21,00€

We will be pleased to inform you of our suggestions of the day
| M/P


French fries or baked potatoes

Sauteéd vegetables

White rice


Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream

Apple tarte tatin with cane honey and cinnamon ice cream

Crispy millefeuille of cheese and red berries

Tiramisu with coffe ice cream

Sorbets of mango, lemon or raspberry

Ice cream of your choice, mint & chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, Arabic coffee, cinnamon