Discover the most exquisite flavours by Adrián De Cózar in a traditional proposal that mixes the finest ingredients with the most international cuisine touch resulting on a savoury and balanced menu, even for the most demanding palates.


Iberian Ham
Iberian ham 100% D. O. Guijuelo with bread toasts | 22,50€

Cured sheep cheese
with walnuts and grapes | 16,00€

Traditional Salmorejo
with Iberian ham and egg | 7,00€

Russian salad
with prawns and tuna belly | 5,50€

Avocado salad
with smoked salmon and prawns on pineapple carpaccio | 13,50

Cesar salad with crispy chicken
anchovies and parmesan cheese | 12,50€

Beef tenderloin steak tartare
120g | 14,00€

Octopus carpaccio
with violet potatoes and paprika olive oil | 16,00€

 Tuna tataki
with wakame seaweeds and ponzu sauce | 16,00€


Japanese style chicken gyozas
with sweet and sour sauce | 5,50€

Homemade croquettes
ox tail or pil-pil prawns | 5,50€

Mini drum of spanish broken eggs
with potatoes and Iberian ham | 7,50€

Iberian Mini burguers
with melted goat cheese | 7,50€

Shrimp fritters | 2,50€/piece

Pil-pil prawns | 12,00€

Grilled scallops
with shrimp sauce and crunchy coral | 15,00€

Pan seared foie gras
on an orange sponge cake and currant sauce | 16,00€


Tagliatelle diavola
with prawns | 15,50€

Vegetable lasagne
with tomato sauce | 13,50€

Panzerotti of mushroom and pork
with white truffle aroma | 15,00€

Octopus rice,
prawns and baby beans | 16,50€

Boletus risotto
with parmesan crisp | 16,00€

Chicken wok
and vegetables with teriyaki sauce | 14,50€


Grilled salmon with baby vegetables
and lime spherification | 18,50€

 Marinated croaker skewer
with pickled vegetables and salad of canons | 19,00€

Sea bass fillet and king prawn
with squid risotto | 21,50€

Slow cooker cod
with black garlic mayo and sweet potato purée | 19,00€


Laminated entrecote
seasoned with parmesan, rosemary and green pepper | 21,50€

Beef sirloin steak
with butter baby potatoes | 23,50€

Iberian pork cheek & Pedro Ximenez sauce
with vegetables mirepoix | 18,00€

Duck breast with soy sauce
and marinated pineapple | 19,00€

Iberian veal scallops Marsala’s style
with baby vegetables | 17,50€


Chocolate coulant with chocolate syrup
and vanilla ice cream | 6€

Apple tarte tatin
with cane honey and cinnamon ice cream | 6€

Ice cream parfait
with caramelized almonds | 6€

Cheesecake with red berries
and crispy cookie | 6€

Tiramisu with
coffee ice cream | 6€

Mango, lemon or
raspberry sorbet | 6€

Ice cream of your choice
(Chocolate and mint, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Malaga sweet wine, nougat, Arabic coffee, cinnamon, pistachios) | 6€